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Custom Dynamic & Static Themes

What is the difference between dynamic & static themes?

Enough talk, let’s start…

Creating a custom dynamic theme

Requirements/Tools needed:

Converting source video to frames usable by PS4

Customizing the speed of frames

Other modifications

"< themecolor >0< /themecolor >" holds the color for the menus. A description is present inside the .xml file telling which color is which number (ex: 1=pink, 2=red, etc)
"< fontcolor >#FF4F7ECE< /fontcolor >" holds the text color. Value is hexadecimal.
"< fontshadowcolor >#00000000< /fontshadowcolor >" holds the shadow font color. Value is hexadecimal.
"< focuscolor >#FF00BAFF< /focuscolor >" holds the focus color of the font. Value is hexadecimal.
"< homebgm-enable >True< /homebgm-enable >" specifies whether the theme should use your custom background music or the default one. True=custom, False=default.

Editing Param.sfo

Building the theme as a fpkg

End Notes!:

Creating a custom static theme