Orbis Unjailed

Starting fresh & Jailbreaking

1. Determining your firmware

2. What firmware is the best and what should I do

To keep it short, different firmwares will need different exploits, thus can lead to various levels of stability and success rates. Please do keep in mind that they can be updated in the future. If you are on:

3. Resetting and/or updating your PS4 & Jailbreaking

Midnight Channel Archives - Recommended because of the faster download speeds.

DKS - PS4 Official Firmwares (darksoftware.xyz) - Recommended because of the faster download speeds but requires creation of an account on the site.

PS4 Firmwares - Darthsternie's Firmware Archive -  No account required, but slower download speeds.

Final structure should look like this: PS4 > UPDATE > PS4UPDATE.pup

Recovery mode

Connection: Wi-Fi or LAN cable
Set Up: Custom
IP Address: Automatic
DHCP Host Name: Do Not Specify
DNS Settings: Manual
Primary DNS:            - Explanation: This DNS will redirect you to the jailbreak website.
Secondary DNS:          - Explanation: This DNS will block every connection to any Sony/PlayStation server.
MTU Settings: Automatic
Proxy Server: Do Not Use

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way 

pOOBs4/exfathax.img at main · ChendoChap/pOOBs4 (github.com)


FOR 9.00 ONLY:

Insert screen

If you see this plug your USB drive we did with Rufus, wait until the notification pops and disappears, then press OK. If you see this screen, it means you now jailbroken the PS4 (also on FW lower than 9.00 this should appear without a USB drive):

Success screen


4. Final questions and answers and troubleshooting

Congrats, you have now jailbroken your PS4!




Credits for images: Modded Warfare & Blaine Lockflair